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MacMedic is a professional and complete suite of utilities for your Macintosh! MacMedic’s advanced features allow repairs, recovery and defrag of your HFS and HFS+ (Apple Extended Format) Volumes. It’s also the first utility of it’s kind to allow repairs to be undone. And, with it’s SafeWrite™ cache, your disk is left untouched in case of power outage or other system failure.

Heat Utilities

Heat Utilities™ (v1.2) allows you to format, partition and optimize your Firewire® (1394) hard drives. Heat Utilities includes it’s own driver that controls your firewire hard drive.Heat Utilities uses a highly optimized driver and many users notice improved performance using Heat™ in replacement of the original driver that came with the firewire hard drive.

Product Help

Help! is an incredible support resource for the single-user Macintosh. Help! is the only intelligent tool which accurately identifies and provides solutions for problems that cause system crashes, data loss, or poor system performance. The Help! knowledgebase is updated quarterly so that your system can stay at it’s peak.

Orb® Powertools

Orb® Powertools is a low-cost, highly effective utility for recovering and repairing Castlewood Systems’ Orb Disks. Based on the same technology as MacMedic™, Orb Powertools is your best solution when you have a problem with your Orb disk.

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