Heat Utilities™ (v1.2) allows you to format, partition and optimize your Firewire® (1394) hard drives. Heat Utilities includes it’s own driver that controls your firewire hard drive.

Heat Utilities uses a highly optimized driver and many users notice improved performance using Heat™ in replacement of the original driver that came with the firewire hard drive.

Heat Utilities contains an optimization feature to defragment files on your Heat Utilities enabled Firewire drives that is similar to the commercially available MacMedic™ and MacMedic™ Pro software.

Note: Heat is only a driver for Hard Drives.
Heat does not work with CDRW’s, tape drives, digital cameras or scanners. Heat Utilities™ requires an Firewire-enabled Apple Macintosh with a hard drive attached to an available Firewire port and MacOS™ 8.6 or higher.

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