MacMedic™┬áis a professional and complete suite of utilities for your Macintosh! MacMedic’s advanced features allow repairs, recovery and defrag of your HFS and HFS+ (Apple Extended Format) Volumes. It’s also the first utility of it’s kind to allow repairs to be undone. And, with it’s SafeWrite™ cache, your disk is left untouched in case of power outage or other system failure.

MacMedic recovers directories as well as individual files. It’s clean interface makes recovery simple even if you never used a utility program before.

MacMedic also can perform important back-ups over a network to other disks. Other features include conversion of HFS disks to HFS+ (Apple’s newer Extended File Format) without having to reformat your drive. If you have lots of files on your disk, you will see a big increase in available space on your hard drive. The MacMedic CD is bootable with Mac™ OS 9 so even if your computer won’t start up on it’s own, it will with MacMedic. With all these features, MacMedic knocks the socks off the competition!

MacMedic™ Pro┬áincludes everything that MacMedic has and more! The professional version is designed for higher-end users and includes more robust recovery methods including recovery and repair “scrub” scans as well as 2 additional routines for data recovery. This version allows for commercial, professional and for-profit use. MacMedic Pro includes Help! software built right in too for diagnosing conflicts and checking out-of-date software.

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