Product Help

Help!™ is an incredible support resource for the single-user Macintosh. Help! is the only intelligent tool which accurately identifies and provides solutions for problems that cause system crashes, data loss, or poor system performance. The Help! knowledgebase is updated quarterly so that your system can stay at it’s peak.

Help!™ Network is a system management utility for supporting multiple Macintosh users. It allows you to scan networked Macintoshes and pinpoint a wide variety of configuration problems on your users machines. You can track down conflicts, incompatibilities and other configuration problems on your users machines easily without ever leaving your desk!

Help!™ is your MacGuru on a disk!

With the largest and most comprehensive knowledgebase of problem solving information available, Help!™ and Help!™ Network are able to provide extensive technical support information about a single Macintosh or every Mac on your network. In Addition, Help!™ Network creates detailed reports about Macs on a network, describing all configuration problems detected plus suggestions for solving each one. Also, Help! Network reports detailed configuration information about each Macintosh for tracking corporate assets and managing inventory.

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