Review: IWeb for Mac Internet Marketers

A website and (almost certainly) your blog post could be the first step toward your Internet marketing strategy. To create the former, you need a website editor. This is a software package that lets you create webpages, frequently, and not having to understand how to write HTML. They do this which has a word processor-like interface that automatically and behind the scenes creates the HTML code that describes the webpage to browsers.

The Mac possesses an embarrassment of riches in relation to website or HTML editors. There are dozens-so many that I couldn’t start to describe all of them here. So I will have to limit myself towards the ones you happen to be most likely to come across.

Most likely, in case your Mac was manufactured within the past couple of years, you currently have a good website creation tool set up on your hard drive. That is Apple’s own template-driven iWeb.

iWeb is dependant on themes. When you first launch the program, you happen to be immediately presented having a template picker where you can choose an amount of Apple-designed “looks” on your website. Each theme carries with it a variety of page templates internal: a welcome page, contributing to my page, photos, blog, podcast, and so forth. Choose a template and it appears in the Main window, with placeholder pictures and text to give you a solid idea of what your finished site will look like.

Of course, the program is well-integrated while using other Apple iLife products. If you want to incorporate a picture, you can click on the Media button in the toolbar to call up the Media Browser (from this level you’ll be able to also access GarageBand to insert one of the podcasts or iMovie to include your videos). You add pages simply by clicking the plus (+) button for the left sidebar.

You go through the Publish button to upload the site to your server. The original version of iWeb could publish just to MobileMe accounts, although third-party add-ons allowed users to write anywhere. Now the capacity to choose your own web host was made into the program.

Unlike with traditional HTML editors, you should not ever go through the generated site pages on your hard disk. If you want to make changes with a page in your site, you only open the web page from within iWeb and re-save your projects and also the changes are automatically written for your hard disk, ready for uploading in your server.

Although all of this makes Web publishing simple, what’s more, it ensures that you are unable to make changes to your site externally of iWeb. After all, any changes you’re making for the site in the third-party program will likely be overwritten when it can save you the website from inside iWeb. Using the services of an online developer is going to be difficult unless the developer also uses iWeb.

Unfortunately for affiliate marketers, iWeb’s HTML just isn’t exactly SEO optimized; the title tag can have only text on the page, the web pages it generates don’t have any heading, meta, or alt tags, as well as menus, are JavaScript-based so engines like google can’t index them.

Another challenge with the program is that it creates rather large, slow-loading websites. The software is defined so that you are able to easily make edits to the photos you add on your own page anytime, re-cropping them as you like. This is because the first, uncropped photo is saved by the program. It also means, however, your website will likely be rather large. Fast loading websites are essential to marketers in order to avoid losing potential visitors. More and more people have broadband but you may still find a good quantity of dial-up users out there.