Mac Tools – Data Recovery Tools at Its Best!

We all love our Mac machine. Certainly, it offers us a great utility for our computing needs. No doubt that Mac is our great companion for our daily needs, but after all it is a machine and just like any other machine, it faces wear and tear problems.  I am sure that all of us spend hundreds of dollars on data recovery and disk maintenance. But, how about getting software utilities that can help you maintain the health of your Mac and be prepared to fight situations like accidental formats, data loss, and drive crash, etc. Certainly, you will love to have such useful tools.

Stellar Data Recovery has a dedicated range of Mac Tools which are aimed at resolving problems like data loss due to situations like accidental formats or drive crashes. This range of Mac Tools includes popular products and utilities like –

Drive ToolBox Partition Manager Drive Clone SpeedUp Mac Wipe Drive Defrag Phoenix Photo Recovery, etc.

Mac Tools are quite promising and offer complete value for money.  These software utilities are user-friendly and remain effective in resolving everyday problems.  Drive Toolbox is an exclusive product that is a perfect set of 12 that helps you to optimize, maintain, manage, repair, protect, and sanitize your Mac hard drive and volumes.  Drive Toolbox is certainly a must-have for every Mac user who will love to keep his Mac machine healthy. This software is priced very reasonably and guarantees complete value for your money.  Some of the important tasks that this efficient software utility does are listed below –

Speed-up your computer by clearing unwanted clutter that gets stored deep in your Mac drive It can clone your hard drive or volume and help to restore data quickly. It helps you get your data important back when you have an accidental drive crash, upgrading the hard drive or when migrating to a new Mac. It comes with partition manager functionality that helps you re-size volumes of your Mac drive and avoid backup, reformatting, and re-installation without data loss. It also allows users to create, delete, and shift partitions. The toolBox can also be used as a disk defragmenter. It can defragment your hard drive to vastly improve its performance and productivity. You can also maintain privacy and security by cleaning files and wipe visit traces of your internet surfing. Last, but not least, Drive ToolBox is also equipped with functionality to repair volume errors and scan hard drive for bad blocks.

All in all, this Mac Tool is a must-buy for every Mac lover. So, do not waste your money on technical maintenance and/ or recovering lost files and data. Simply get this wonderful companion for your Mac and start maintaining the health of your Mac yourself.